Home  Remodeling Services

SHEWORKS specializes in Home Remodeling and Electrical services in the Greater Phoenix area. We are a proud distributor of Oakcraft cabinets. Whether you are looking to upgrade the look of your kitchen, do a bathroom remodel, replace your flooring, add an accent wall, you are in great hands. 



The kitchen is where you and your family spend most of their time. It’s an excellent idea to start your remodeling project here.


After all, don’t you dream of having the perfect kitchen? Give our expert designers a call so you can tell us your grand vision for your kitchen.


We can create the perfect bathroom you want with our extensive bathroom remodeling services. Our staff specializes in making use of all available space to create an amazing bathroom for you.


Your bathroom will have all the comforts, features, and fixtures you’ll need to make visiting your bathroom a relaxing experience. Call us and discuss what you want in your bathroom, and we will recreate that image according to your specifications.



The look of custom kitchen cabinets pulls your whole kitchen space together. The same goes for custom bathroom vanities—nothing fits your space better than something that was made specifically for your home and made with the materials and hardware you picked.



Painting is one of the most important factors for maintaining a home's value.


The exterior of your house should be painted every 3-10 years depending on what type of siding you have. And interior painting can make your home look modern and like new.



Apply drywall to walls or ceilings. Fasten drywall panels to the inside framework of a building. Prepare panels for painting by taping or finishing joints. ... Work with ceiling tile installers to build walls. Any type of repairs or new constructions that involve drywall we can do it!


For your average do-it-yourselfer, flooring installation can often be a tedious, time-consuming, and tremendously frustrating process.


Even if you think you know your stuff and have the appropriate tools, it’s best to leave flooring installation to a licensed and certified professional. Not only will they use only the best tools and installation techniques, but they can easily spot mishaps before they happen to help prevent future issues. Call us and discuss what you want for your home new project. 



A kitchen backsplash can make your kitchen look new, with high-end finishes. A backsplash can be done in so many different ways, shapes, and patterns. Using different types of tile and combinations; can and will change the whole look of your kitchen and increase your home value.  

IMG_7111 (1).jpg


You may be surprised at the dizzying array of colors, themes, and design choices when you finally decide to remodel your home. the interior of your home becomes better if you have the help of an experienced and professional home remodeling team because this is where your dream home will come to life.


Call us to discuss what you want for your home, and we will recreate that image according to your specifications.